Kimberly Bowker

Narrative Journalist

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Kimberly has written for Fodor's Travel, Microsoft Citizenship, the Brewers Association, Oregon Beer Growler, Travel Oregon, 1859 Magazine, 1889 Magazine, Scuba Diving magazine, and various other print and online publications.

Currently reading:

Testimony of Light by Helen Greaves

Quote from "currently reading":

"If man could keep the Divine Light in mind (which, when out of the prison of the body we can realize as Permanent Life), man has the power to transform those particles into finer vibration. The difficulty is that, when we are bombarded by the consciousness of the denser vibrations which make up our bodies, and all the so-called matter of the material world, the Light Eternal is doused and dimmed, sometimes being extinguished altogeter." Pg. 26

A few of my favorite things:

Live music, oceans and deserts, vast horizons, surprising ourselves, sandy feet, Central Oregon craft brews, and gratitude.