Kimberly Bowker

Narrative Journalist

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Kimberly has written for Fodor's Travel, Microsoft Citizenship, the Brewers Association, Oregon Beer Growler, Travel Oregon, 1859 Magazine, 1889 Magazine, Scuba Diving magazine, and various other print and online publications.

Currently reading:

The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher

Quote from "currently reading":

"I looked at her aghast, with much like the expression I used when shown the sketches of the metal bikini. The one I wore to kill Jabba (my favorite moment in my own personal film history), which I highly recommend your doing: finding an equivalent of killing a giant space slug in your head and celebrate that." Pg. 39

A few of my favorite things:

Live music, oceans and deserts, vast horizons, surprising ourselves, sandy feet, Central Oregon craft brews, and gratitude.